3/9/21 Academic Affairs Brief

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This Brief Includes:

  • Fall Preview

  • Spring Break Next Week
  • Travel Reminder
  • COVID-19 Community Spread Update
  • CLT Announcements: Free Professional Development Opportunities and Brown Bag Lunches
  • Midterm Grade Reminder
  • 14th Annual, And 1st Virtual, Elevator Pitch Competition

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  • March 10 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Faculty Learning Community: Experiential Learning Pedagogy Offered by Kristin Novotny, Assistant Dean in the Core Division and Faculty Lead in the CLT
  • March 14 - Midterm Grades are Due
  • March 15 - Fall/Summer Schedules Available to Students


The college is planning a return to face-to-face classroom teaching next fall along with increased residential density. We anticipate that masking and social distancing may continue. We are carefully planning for increased classroom capacity and alternative spaces to allow for whole classes to gather. This information will be coming in an email to students, faculty and staff later this week. The full schedule of courses will be available on Monday, March 15th through Student Planning.


Next week is Champlain’s unofficial “Spring Break”. Thank you to the many faculty who are considering the highly recommended course guidelines for reducing the impact of missing a Spring Break (scroll to #7). A full slate of student activities have been planned for next week including free haircuts, trivia, scavenger hunts and more! For a full schedule of events please visit the View or this poster.


As a reminder, the Health Department and the College continue to strongly advise against non-essential travel, even within Vermont. All travel to and from Vermont requires quarantine. The only exceptions are essential travel and travel by people who are fully vaccinated. Students, who may have plans to travel outside the state next week, are required to notify the College by completing this form that will allow the Student Health Center to advise students on quarantine requirements, including the possibility of arranging quarantine housing. Please keep this information in mind when you are speaking with students who mention travel outside of Vermont.


We continue to see increases in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the Chittenden County area. In the last 14 days alone we have seen 448 new cases, the virus is very present in our area. This persistent trend reminds us that we need to remain vigilant with taking all precautionary measures. Please remember to follow masking and social distancing practices at all times. The warm weather this week may encourage some of us to gather and enjoy the sunshine, now is not the time to let your guard down. We appreciate your continued practice of all precautionary measures to keep our community safe and strong.


Thank you to all faculty for your continuing hard work! We would like to alert faculty to a series of free webinars from Campus Compact on how teachers can grow from the virtual teaching experience. These programs cover equity, engagement, assessment, and the “flipped classroom” model in virtual learning.

We recognize that you have been giving great time and energy to your students and courses at this time. If you would like to decompress and find low-key moral support, please consider joining the CLT for one of our informal virtual brown bag lunches, to be held at 12:30 on Thursday 3/11, and 11:30 on Tuesday 4/6.


Midterm grades are due Sunday, March 14.

“...Assessment without timely feedback contributes little to learning.” This is just one of the many valuable truths provided by Chickering and Gamson in Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education.

Assigning and helping students process midterm grades is a unique opportunity to do what master teachers do. Faculty members who apply some of Chickering and Gamson’s seven principles, especially at midterm, can make a significant contribution to student learning and success in your course. Instead of simply assigning a letter grade consider the following:

  • Provide written or verbal feedback that is clear, specific, and useful for future work. Point students to previous comments and ask them to reflect on your feedback and identify resources that can help them improve the quality of their work in the coming weeks. (Principle 5 Gives prompt feedback)
  • Set up a 1:1 conference to talk with each student about their work thus far and their plans to meet their goals (Principle 1. Encourages contacts between students and faculty)
  • Remind students how the work helps them meet course and program objectives and industry standards. (Principle 6 Communicates high expectations)
  • Point out, or support students as they identify, strengths and needs for improvement. Ask what you might do to support the students’ learning needs and expectations. (Principle 7 Respects diverse talents and ways of learning)

Ask students to self-assess using a metacognition assignment. Using a concept map, ask students to create a plan for success. (Principle 3. Uses active learning techniques and Principle 6 Emphasizes time on task)


Thursday, March 11, 2021 | 7:00-9:00 PM on Zoom

It’s Champlain’s own version of “Shark Tank!” Nineteen students compete for cash prizes and bragging rights in four categories during the 14th Annual, and 1st Virtual, Elevator Pitch Competition. Keith Oppenheim, Associate Professor in the Division of Communication & Creative Media and a former CNN Correspondent, serves as event emcee. He will be joined by a panel of “celebrity” judges. Members of Champlain’s faculty and staff portray “The Suit” with whom students engage in the fictional virtual elevator ─ Ed Venture for Entrepreneurs; Joy Stix for Game Developers; Abraham LinkedIn for Job/Internship Seekers; and B Good for Advocates. Audience members will be invited to vote for their favorite E-Pitcher in each category. Faculty and staff are encouraged to be part of the audience to support students. More information here.

Important Dates

  • 03/14 - Midterm grades due

  • 04/09 - Last day to withdraw from a class or the College

  • 04/12-04/23 Registration for Summer and Fall 2021

  • 04/28 - Last day to request an incomplete grade for Spring 2021

  • 04/30 - Last day to request a medical withdrawal

  • 04/30 - Last day of classes

  • 05/03 - 05/07 - Finals Week (This is the same as week 15, normal class schedule)

  • 05/09 - Final grades due

  • 05/15 - Commencement