Democratic-Republican Party

Deriyonna Hood

Tomas Jefferson and James Madison

This party was discovered in 1791. This was a party that opposed to the Federalist. This party was lead by Thomas Jefferson and with the help of James Madison. Jefferson thought he should build a national party that had the same opinion as he did when it came to the Federalist. There were many diffrent problems when it came to this "new national party." Such as the assumption of the states debts. The Democratic Republic were not in very much favor with this.

They didn't feel that it would help the nation. Eventually they agreed to this assumption because they had made an agreement to move the nations capital. Then there was another controversy which was one of the biggest . That was the National Bank conclusion. The Democratic-Republic disagreed with this because they did'nt think that congress had the right to just create a National Bank that they were'nt granted. Ofcourse the Federalist argued that they had the right because the were granted to this authority because they thought it was "nessacary and proper" which all laws had to be. The Democratic-Republic wanted it to be a balancing with the Federal and State Powers.

During the war the two parties were focused on two diffrent things . The Democratic-Republic was focused on the overthrowing of the french king . This was during the French Revolution in 1789 . When it came to the power of the National Goverment they wanted balancing of it that it should be equality in it . They wanted this because the Federalist kept making new laws or acts to silence them (Alien & Sedition Acts) . That wasen't fair for the Democratic-Republican party. They didn't agree with this act because they felt that it was violating the "freedom of press". That controversy lead to the dtermination of Thomas Jerfferson being president in 1800.

During the Great Britain war in 1812 Thomas Jefferson didn't want to go to war but, his party wanted to do the opposite. When the war was occuring Thomas Jefferson had to agree but he treated it with a "naive" attitude.

The Democratic-Republican party went through a lot of diffrent controversies but they never faild they were almost like the voice of the people the "outsiders" that didn't matter in this point and time.

We are the voice of the people. We are the voice of the hope. We are the voice of the voiceless

Democratic-Republican styleee :)

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