Near Threatened-Population around 10,000

About jaguars

Jaguar - third largest cat in the world, jaguars can weigh more than 300 pounds , and they are strong swimmers and climbers. Loss of habitat and retaliatory murders continue to threaten the survival of the species. The populations have been significantly reduced in those areas where people have settled .

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The range starts with a jaguar jungle of Central America , and extends to the swamps and jungle of Mato Grosso in Brazil , and northern Argentina .Animals were completely destroyed in El Salvador and Uruguay.
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Subspecies jaguar

There are nine different subspecies of the jaguar:
  1. Amazon jaguar
  2. Peruvian jaguar
  3. Mexican jaguar
  4. Arizona jaguar
  5. Central American jaguar
  6. Jaguar Goldman
  7. Texas jaguar
  8. Brazilian jaguar
  9. Paraguayan jaguar

Interesting Facts About Jaguars

  • Jaguar - it is the only cat that does not roar.
  • Juveniles stay and hunt with their mother for 2 - years.
  • The area of ​​hunting territory of a jaguar can reach up to 500 kilometers in diameter.
  • Eats like a small jaguar (mouse) , and large (deer) extraction. At the water preys on fish, frogs, turtles,as well as on small alligators.
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