The Holocaust

T. Rayne Childs Mundell Academic 1

Have you ever wondered what the Holocaust really was? The Holocaust was a combination of imprisoning Jewish people and the mass murder of Jewish adults and children. More than 60,000 Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler started the Holocaust. The holocaust was operated by the Nazi soldiers under Hitler's command.

Adolf Hitler started the Holocaust because he wanted to make Europe a better place. He got rid of the Jewish people because he thought that they weren't good enough to be people of Europe.The Jewish people were put in concentration camps.Jewish families were the only people murdered in the Holocaust.Many Jewish families were tortured and murdered.Adolf Hitler could live with what he had done to all those children.

The end

The Holocaust ended because the Nazis lost the war.When the Holocaust ended the Jews that were still alive were set free. The Nazis fled Germany and never returned. There are still some Holocaust servers.The Holocaust was very painful for all Jewish people.When the Holocaust ended Jewish people were relieved.