Status of Women/Women's Roles

By: Olivia and Brianna

Women Role in 1930

Women really didnt have much of a voice in 1930 until the demands of women were tired and wanted the equal right as men. Different opinions on womens right to vote, education and participation in the public life.
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Women playing roles that were considerd wrong in the 1930's

This is about an american actress named Kathrine Hepburn it shows the introduction to show how business was in the 1930's. This is also about how playing roles that were considered not right for women.She fought for women's right and for people to be equal. Also a women named Amy Leslie a critic for the Chicago daily news said that "the new in the dramas from Europe to America,but also exhibited certain reservations which can be linked to her gender (Rose pg.3) Amy has changed the mind of everyone's point of view of women in the theater.
Women in the 1930's Documentary

True or False

Do you think that women were treated equally? T or F

Where women allowed to have the same roles as men? T or F

Where men and women payed the same amount? T or F

Could women get the same jobs as men? T or F