Casting Directors: Matthew Mazza and Garrett Miller

Remake of a classic musical

Grease, originally directed by Randal Kleiser, is now being remade to recreate the young love of Danny and Sandy. Kenny Wormald will be playing Danny and Julianne Hough as Sandy.

Kenny Wormald

Kenny Wormald grew up in Stoughton, Massachusetts, and began taking dancing lessons at the age of six. He won a string of dance contests throughout the Northeast in his teens and took to dancing professionally. He worked as a dancer and choreographer, appearing in a number of music videos and touring with Justin Timberlake.

Wormald is a perfect pick to reenact John Travolta, because Travolta in saturday night fever really showed his moves at the disco. Worlmad shows his dance moves and singing ability on the big screen in the new remake of the musical Footloose, originally played by Kevin Bacon. As for his acting he not really known for anything big, because almost all of his roles in movies are about dancing.


"Footloose" 2011

"Center Stage: Turn it Up" 2008

"You Got Served" 2004

Triple Threat Score

Acting: 8

Dancing: 10

Singing: 7

Footloose 2011 warehouse dance

Julianne Hough

Her mother was instrumental in her career in entertainment, enrolling her and her siblings in various performing classes from a very young age. She began her training in Latin Ballroom dancing at the Center Stage Performing Arts Studio in Orem, Utah. At age 10, along with her brother Derek Hough, she went to London, England, to study with coaches, Corky and Shirley Ballas. They attended the Italia Conti Academy with the Ballas' son, Mark Ballas. The three children performed as a pop music trio '2B1G' (2 Boys, 1 Girl) at dance competitions in the UK and the US. At age 15, Julianne won the Junior World Latin Champion and International Latin Youth Champion at the Blackpool Dance Festival.

So this girl has all sorts of talent, and this is why she will be Sandy. Although Hough might not be using all of her dancing abilities in the her role as Sandy, but like Olivia Newton-John she can sing and sing very well. Hough was the main role in rock of ages, Sherrie Christian, and stole the show with her amazing voice.


"Safe Haven" 2013

"Rock of Ages" 2012

"Footloose" 2011

Triple Threat Score

Acting: 9

Dancing: 9

Singing: 10

More Than Words/Heaven - Julianne Hough & Diego Boneta