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Orangutans are related to the ape family.


They have long red hair and has long arms and legs. They have a black face. Their eyes are small and cute. They are usually orange in colour.

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What do they eat?

They eat fruits, wild figs ,vegetables, insects, small vertebrates and birds eggs. They are omnivores because they eat both meat and vegetables/fruit.


Orangutans live in jungles or rainforest of Indonesia, Malaysia, islands of Sumatra and Borneo.


They swing from tree to tree. They are also good swimmers and can swim fast. Orangutans like to swing on vines.

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Other interesting facts about Orangutans

1. Orangutans have only 32 teeth.

2.They are 7 times stronger than humans.

3.Orangutans can travel from 50 meters to 1,000 meters a day.

4.They are very good swimmers and very good at camouflaging in the rainforest.

5. Now we'll watch a short video on how Orangutans do things on their own. You probbaly are going to think that they are taught these things but actually theyb do it themselves.

Attenborough: Amazing DIY Orangutans - BBC Earth

Extinct or Endangered Why?

Orangutans are endangered because of fires ,pollution, cutting down trees and poachers capturing and killing them.

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How to help Orangutans?

By stop cutting trees, stop polluting and to put very hard laws to stop poaching.

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