The Whitesides Post

September 12, 2022


Dear Whitesides Families,

Safety is one of my top priorities. With this in mind, there are a few things I need your help with.

1) Adults are not allowed to enter the building other than through the front doors after showing I.D. and checking in with the office.

2) When using the pick-up/drop-off area at the front of the school, please pull all the way forward, single file. Please do not double park, as this makes it very dangerous for our students.

3) You may not exit your vehicle in the red zone at the front of the school. Please use the parking lot if you are meeting your children or walking them to the door.

4) Students should not be dropped off before 8:30 (8:15 for those that eat breakfast).

4) Please remind your children to never talk to strangers and if they encounter a stranger and know something is not right, they need to run and get help.

I understand that sometimes the safety protocols we have in place seem like an inconvenience and take more time. Please know that we are simply trying to protect our greatest assets, your children.


It is so important that students are at school on time and are not checked out early. I understand there are circumstances where this may happen; however, it should not be happening on a consistent basis. We appreciate your efforts in making attendance a priority.

Demographic and McKinney-Vento Forms

We have the majority of forms returned but are required to have 100% response. If you have not returned the Demographic Form and the McKinney-Vento Form that were sent home, please do so this week. Be sure to sign each form on the signature line. Thank you!


Some of you signed into myDSD prior to the school year starting and electronically signed all available documents. However, there have been documents added after the school year started. Please sign in and make sure all documents have been signed. If you have not created a myDSD account, please do so as soon as possible using this link.

Don't Fall for the Scams

Our Community Council (CC) members are Heather Schulz, Alison Chandler, Paige Davis, Cassie Sturm, Skyler Hardman, and Kristina Morris. There have been instances within the district where CC member emails have been used in phishing-type scams to solicit items seemingly on behalf of the school. The district's IT department is seeking solutions to this. In the meantime, please know that CC members will NEVER reach out to the community requesting any type of purchase or funding, including gift cards, on behalf of the school. Please contact me to report any suspicious communication.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech Contest

Information about the MLK Jr. Speech Contest was sent home Friday or will be sent home today. We would love students to participate. Please complete the form that was sent home and return it to the office if your student would like to participate.

Davis School District Parent Series

Davis School District invites all parents and caregivers to join in an anonymous webinar on the 2nd Wednesday of every month beginning in September. Discover the power you have to shape your child's mental health.

Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM via ZOOM

To Register.....scan the QR Code

Sept. 14th - "Your Child's Anxiety" (see QR code)

Oct. 12th - "How Parents Can Help Prevent Suicide"

Nov. 9th - "Bullying-Stop the Cycle"

Dec. 14th - "Social Media-Protecting Your Child"

Jan. 11th - "Why Our Children Self-Harm"

Feb. 8th - "Emotional Regulation-Recognizing What's Wrong"

Mar. 8th - "De-escalating Cycles of Conflict"

Apr. 12th - "Establishing Healthy Boundaries"


Parent/Student Handbook

Click here for the Whitesides' Parent/Student handbook. You can also find it on our school website.