Political Cartoon Project

By: Keeton Schenck and Allison Pretzer

Cartoons by Herb Block

Pray and Keep Moving Brother

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August 14, 1960

Subject: This comic is focused on Civil Rights and the irony of segregation in many churches.

Context: This cartoon was printed at the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement, a time in America that was characterized by radical change and new ideas.

Purpose: This comic was distributed to inform people of the unfair treatment African Americans received and to gather support for the growing Civil Rights Movement.

Labeling: The church is called the "First Segregationist Church", a play on words that emphasizes the irony of segregation in a Christian nation.

Irony: Churches preach acceptance and equality while refusing to integrate their congregations.

Moscow Olympics

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July 19, 1978

Subject: This cartoon depicts that many American's believed that the Russian communist regime was oppressive.

Context: This comic was printed during the Cold War, a period of heightened tensions between the US and the USSR. For example, Russian reporters were arrested for sharing information about why Jews were emigrating from Russia.

Purpose: This cartoon was printed to portray the USSR in a negative light and could have possibly been propaganda for the US.

Symbolism: The Olympic Rings are shown as chains, symbolism of the USSR's oppressive government.

Exaggeration: This was an exaggeration, the majority of the population was not actually bound.

Irony: The Olympics were founded to help relationships between countries, and to foster peace. Ironically, the Moscow Olympics lead to a controversial debate in the USA about whether they should participate or not.

Economic-Political Currency

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November 1, 1992

Subject- This particular cartoon comments on former President George Bush's re-election and the Savings and Loan Scandal.

Context- This cartoon was published right before elections began. George Bush would be running for his second term in office. This was also a few years later that the Savings and Loans scandal, one of the largest financial scandals in the US, was blamed on Bush.

Purpose- This cartoon was published to encourage the public not to vote for Bush again. It also shows people what to expect from him if they do vote for him.

Symbolism- This drawing is a symbol of what George H. Bush will do to the economy if he is re-elected. It depicts that he is the result of an economic crisis.

Labeling- This pictures contains labeling because of the clear depiction of Bush looking silly and the national debt he has caused the country.