Library Lowdown

September 2012

Welcome to the Library

Welcome to the first issue of the Library Lowdown

I'm so happy to be part of the Donald family and I have to say I LOVE my job. Becca has been the greatest person that I could have by my side. I think we are finally getting things set up the way we want and the kids are enjoying it.

There are several things that I wanted to let everybody know. This issue of the Library Lowdown will be long but full of GREAT information.

First I am teaching the 3-5 grade how to use the Destiny Quest app on their iPads. You can also click the below (way below) to check the card catalog to see if we have a book you need for your class. If we don't have it then please fill out the Materials Request form. I'm happy to fill request as long as the money is there.

Checking out books anytime and any day is new for the kids and for you. I expect some growing pains. The kids are welcome to come anytime to return and checkout, just make sure they bring their library card with them. Speaking of library cards your new ones should be ready late next week. I have some great moms working on them for me.

The will be tall and kinda skinny like a book mark in case you are wondering.

Cozy Corners

We launched "Cozy Corners" in the library this week. You ask what is a Cozy Corner, think of it as a Center. We are calling them Cozy Corners because we want the library to be a cozy warm place for the kids. During their specials library time we want the kids to be able check out books and have some fun while learning. We will be changing some of them and some will stay the same. Ask your kids about it and let us know what they think! See some of the pictures below.

Web-Page and Facebook

The Donald web-site and the Facebook page are both on the Top 10 list of things that I think about everyday. If you see me around taking pictures it is probably for one of those things. Speaking of pictures I would like to schedule a day next week to take a team picture and a headshot for the Donald web-page. Don't worry I will let you approve it before I post it. So get with your team and pick a day . Not Monday 9-23. We can do group picture on Wednesday when you are wearing your team shirts and headshots on another day. Think about it.

Kathy Hoffman and Becca Zuch

Love my job but I'm terrible at spelling, so ignore any mistakes