The American Dream 2001


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Academic success was critical in 2001 (and still is); thus, the fact that Kazi was able to achieve the title of Valedictorian was an incredible achievement. As we saw with her sister, motivation driven from family members is a large contributing factor to success. The Dewan family (Kazi's family) had only lived in the US for 5 years; however, Kazi was able to prosper in that short amount of time. Kazi's friends and classmates were very important to her. She refused to allow her religious minority status to hinder her from being friends with her christian pupils. The premise of Kazi's story revolves around the concept that even in a short amount of time if there is enough hard work success is inevitable.

"Whatever your American dream may be, hold onto it"

Definition (according to the article) : The American Dream

The American dream is that as long as someone is willing to work they will be able to achieve anything. That shows how hard people were willing to work at the beginning of the 2000s and end of the 1990s.

"hold onto it and don't lose sight of it"

Compare & Contrast: The Article vs. Today's American Dream

Kazi's American Dream was to be the best she can academically. In today's society, people still have that dream but, most people appeal to the economic side more. It is safe to say that over the majority of people's dreams include working hard to achieve the goal; however, the outcomes are different.
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