Sports played in Mexico

By: Mia Fernandez

Sports of Mexico

Sports that are played in Mexico are very challenging. Competing against each other is very popular is Mexico. All of their sports they play all consist around balls or aggresivenes. Sports are very popular in Mexico. Soccer is one of the most popular sports played in Mexico. Baseball is a popular sport played in Mexico as well. Bullfighting is a sport for mostly men and can be very dangerous or deadly. Mexico best talents are boxing, diving, and athletics.

Facts and Information of Mexico:)

Bullfighting has been a popular sport for the last four hundred years! Events like this take place at rodeos, and there are traditional dances that take place here.

Soccer is known through out the world, but Mexico is what soccer is known for.Mexico has a passion for soccer. Javier Hernandez has become the most famous of approximatley four thousand six hundred players professional soccer players. The Mexican Federation of soccer came long, long after the first school team.