NECCS Kindergarten News

April 2021


This month...

In Reading...we are learning about Non-Fiction text.

Non-Fiction stories are ones that talk about things that are true, they teach us things! Students should practice identifying the text features we have learned about as they are reading Non-Fiction text at home.

Encourage scholars to practice their reading each day for 15-20 minutes.

In Phonics.. we have just finished learning about our vowels and the sounds that they make. We focused on the Short vowel sounds. Students should continue to practice their vowels, the sounds, and try finding them in words!

Snap Words to review: to, do, we, be, got, look, see

Work with scholars on being able to read these words quickly!

Snap words are not meant to be sounded out...students need to know them on sight!

In writing...We are writing How-to books. We write How-to books to teach people how to do something that we are very good at! Students have written the first and second steps of their How-to book.

April Is National Poetry Month!

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Let's Learn About Animals!

In Science we will start to learn all about animals.

We will start with fish and guppies! We will learn about where they live and what they need to survive.

Earth Day is April 22nd!

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We will continue working in Module 4.

We will be learning all about subtracting numbers! Practice this with your scholars at home by having them tell you how many items are left when some are taken away.

Videos to Watch With Scholars!

I AM EARTH READ ALOUD by Rebecca and James McDonald
Daniel Finds a Poem

Websites to Check Out!

Important Dates To Know!

April 1 - April 9: Spring Break, No School

April 12: School Resumes

April 22: Earth Day

April 22: Parent Teacher Conferences - Early Dismissal Day

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Reminders & Announcements!

  • Please remember that it is so important to read with your scholar as often as possible at home! Our recommendation is at least 20 minutes per night :)
  • School starts at 9:00 every morning, and your scholars greatly benefit when they are on time!
  • Scholars are to go to all whole group and their small group sessions every day!
  • Be sure to check ClassDojo & Google Classroom as often as possible for updated information!