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October 19, 2015

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PBIS Update

Love the above quote! It definitely is something to think about as we parent, grandparent, and teach. It could also be an interesting Morning Meeting discussion on how to handle things when they don't go your way...what a great life lesson!!! Thanks for keeping your morning meetings going! Your daily attention to creating a positive culture is very much appreciated!!!!

Homework: As we continue our journey through the positive discipline book, please have Chapter 4 read by November 3rd. Thanks so much!!!

Thank you!!!

Thanks to Kelly Persyn, Kelly Leach, and Farah Rehman for the weeks of preparation for the Running Records training. Their commitment to alignment, professional development, and providing high levels of support for initiatives is very much appreciated!!!


  • October 22nd and 23rd: Student Intervention Team Meetings

  • First Progress Monitoring Week is Oct. 26th - 30th

  • Intervention Sheets: click here for a copy of the intervention sheet. Keep in mind to record the interventions that students are receiving daily and how often you are seeing students in small math or reading groups. Most importantly to this documentation are skills you are working on in with the students in small groups and/or tutoring. Blank copies are also in the mailbox area. These intervention sheets should be stored in your data notebook along with your 504 and IEP documentation sheets. (Kinder will begin documentation next week)
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Professional Development and Learning - Faculty Meetings, PLC's, and Kelly Leach Visits

  • October 19th: Instructional Rounds Team Meeting in the Think Tank at 3:30

  • October 20th: Faculty Meeting 3:30 Library - Click here for the working agenda.

  • October 22nd: Trinity Meadows Intermediate is our Instructional Rounds Sister School. We will be conducting 20 minute Instructional Rounds on Thursday, Oct. 22nd at Florence. Just keep doing what you are doing! We are collecting baseline data to begin making plans and goals on increased higher-level questioning and student discourse. No pressure!!! Also, remember the data collected is not classroom or teacher specific...it is overall data and not evaluative in any way.

  • October 22nd: Team Leader Meeting 3:30 Think Tank

  • October 28th 3:30: Meet with ELA reps from each team to finalize the Writing Evidence and Guided Reading Support Plan for the year. We will discuss/revise the Writing Evidence Checklist we used last year, Writing Evidence Walkthrough Timeline, Guided Reading Observation Dates by Kelly Leach, and Reading/Response Protocol timeline. We will meet in the Think Tank.

  • October 27th: PLC Meetings in Think Tank - we will analyze your last Math PLC and go over the data collected from Instructional Rounds. (Second grade - we will meet on Oct. 30th)

  • October 29th: Quick check on Guided Reading groups based on your collected data. If you need help grouping, Kelly can help. If you would like her to check your groups or ask Running Record questions, Kelly can help. She will only take about 20 to 30 minutes based on your needs.

  • Nov. 2nd - 6th: First Campus Writing Benchmark (Composition and Grammar) Please share the prompt and the grammar assessment you plan to give the students. You may email it or drop it in our boxes. Once you give the writing assessment, use rubrics to rate the compositions quickly and also grade the grammar sections, so we can analyze the week of Nov. 9th - 13th.

  • November 6th - Student half day - Create Third Six Weeks Assessment Plan. The Agenda includes: PTA luncheon, short mini lesson, and then work on third six weeks Assessment Plan and Assessment Development.

    • Pre-work: look ahead at the curriculum so that teams are familiar with the KUD - what students need to Know, Understand, and Be able to do.

    • Data Collection and monitoring of each student’s progress...keep the conversation going on how to individually track students’ progress on formative and summative assessments to show growth, intervene, and extend based on the data.
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October Student ROCK Training

Please follow the link below to access the first installment of the K-6 anti-bullying training. This training should be shared with students during the month of October.


After the lesson Activity:

· Compare/Contrast Bullying and a disagreement or teasing using a Double Bubble or Venn Diagram.

· Define Imbalance of Power (use visuals seesaw, balance, uneven teams, age, size, sporting event) and choose one from each of the above and show how it relates.

Additional resources (including definitions and examples): http://www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/definition/

Nov. 9th PD

There will be a lot of repeats of the October PD during the November PD. There were a lot of exceptional sessions!! One of those sessions I attended was Math (K-4) Using Exemplars to Enhance Student Writing. If you missed this session and you are interested in learning more about Exemplars, this session is a must see. I think there will be a morning and afternoon training.

The November PD sessions should be in Eduphoria Workshop by early this week!!

Progress Reports 2-4

Keep in mind that Progress Reports are posted in HAC next Tuesday the 27th, so keep the following in mind:

  • Be sure you have approximately half of the grades in HAC for this second six weeks grading period
  • Grades are posted within 72 hours of the assignment. (this is a very important PR and progress monitoring piece for our parents)
  • No more than 20% of a 6 weeks grade may be used on a single summative assessment, so no less than 2 should be required each grading period.
  • See below for the recommendations on formative and summative assessements for the entire six weeks.
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Keep in Mind.....

Duck and Cover Drill will be Tuesday the 20th at 1:45pm

Open Enrollment

Be sure you sign up for your benefits! Open Enrollment is available through Oct. 25th.

Click here for more information. www.mybenefitshub.com/kellerisd

If you have questions ask Ann Lallande. Thanks!