Fight against the cyber bullying

Have a profile on facebook doesn't mean you're cool

Cyber bullying, the definition

Cyber bullying is when a person attack an other person, using the internet, mobile phone or another information communication technology.

Cyberbullying examples

To attack people with internet, some people do a fake profile and with it people can put some bad or ridiculous statuts of another person, for example.

Or, children of your age use usally internet to attack or hurt their "enemy". Tenagers are closer to internet than the adults, so they can creat websites when we can read rumors or we can see humiliated pictures of victims, for example.

All those things can be the cause of emotional distress for the victims.

This video is a reccurent example of Cyberbullying between teenagers.

Cyber Bullying


- Don't be mean with the others

- Be careful about what you send or write on Social Networks

- Don't give your paseword to anyone

- Don't answer back to the bully and block him

- Don't trust everything on internet

- Don't creat an account juste because your friend have one. 4 in 5 teenagers have got an account on a social networks.

Telling you don't have an account on social networks will be wrong. Just be careful on it.

If you want to know more about Cyberbullying you can watch this movie Cyberbully with the famous actress Emily Osment.

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