Egg drop experiment Monday September 9th 2013

our idea of making Christopher (my egg contraotion)

Our original idea for making the contraption was to put a lot of packing peanuts on the bottom and took little pieces of the cotton balls and put them in the cup that we were using to hold the egg in. After that i put the egg in the cup. Then we put the extra pieces of like cotton balls and package peanuts in the extra cup. Then we put the extra cup that we had on top of the the other cup that we put the egg in. So then it had a bottom and a top. We put tap around the cups to keep it from falling apart. We also put a couple of rubber bands on it just in case. We taped the cup to the bottom of the card board so it could have a floor for it to land on. then we where going to punch a whole in the bags and put 4 pieces of string on the 4 ends of the card board to use it as a para shoot. we tested it and it did not work out to well. so we kept thinking of different ways to do it...It was time to go to the next class so we could not finish.

the new idea

On Friday me and my partner kinda just gave up. we were watching all of the other people test theirs and we seen and idea that might work. we seen someone drop there's for paper as a para shoot and it worked better then the paper bags. So my partner and I got two pieces of paper and then, we mad a para shoot kinda outta it but the four string on the corner where way to short so what we did is take the strings of and tied a couple together and then poked a hole at the top of the cup and then took all the strings that we tied together and tied them all together at the bottom so that they would not fall out the hole. To be safe we taped around it. We hooked the string onto the paper and then when we finished, Mr. Lander let us test it out on the stair well it worked out really good. So we decided to keep our project like it was because it worked really well we just needed new tap because ours wasn't that sticky any more.

the egg drop day pictures!

The day Christopher almost died

The day we put the real egg in and dropped it we taped more tap on our egg to make it more secure. When we where leaving i was so nervous i'm egg would die. I was afraid that our contraption would not hold a drop that big and i really didn't want our egg to crack. I hoped that our egg would be one of the eggs that where whole. Finally the fireman dropped the first egg. The persons egg was whole and it was really cool that her egg had survived. That made me feel better about our egg contraption. But then the fireman dropped someone else dropped there egg and there was yoke all over. So that made m think that was going to happen to our egg. Finally it was our egg that was going to be dropped next. When the fireman dropped our egg i was thinking this is not going to work. When it hit the ground, my partner and I went to grab our contraption and got out picture taken. We walked over to the garbage can and took apart our contraption and looked inside the cup that we had putt the egg in and i was so surprise to see that our egg just had a little crack in it. It wasn't spilling with yoke like i thought is was going to be. I was so happy that Christopher had survived!:) And that was basically how our egg drop experiment went.

our challenge

We are making an egg contraption for an assignment at school. The reason we are making it is because we are going to put an egg in it and drop it from 50 feet in the air. The contraption is used for putting the egg in for for extra comfort on the egg to help it land safely on the groun.