This is Me!

My name is Joseph and I have Cerebral Palsy.

What I want you to know about me...

  • I am 8 years old and in grade 3.
  • I have spastic cerebral palsy, so my muscles are tight and it's hard for me to walk.
  • I use a wheel chair to go as fast as you (and sometimes faster!)
  • I like playing video games with my friends.
  • I like to talk and tell stories.
  • I am good at painting.

What I need help with...

  • I need help getting around.
  • I need help writing things on paper and doing things with my hands.
  • I need a special desk for my wheelchair.
  • I need help with my belongings.
  • I need help in the bathroom.

How my teacher helps me...

  • by giving me extra time to get to and from class
  • by providing a computer for me type my work on
  • by providing a special desk that fits around my wheelchair
  • by providing a special place in the classroom near my spot for my things
  • by providing time to use the accessible bathroom and someone to help me

My alternative program...

  • I have standing time everyday
  • I do stretches everyday to help my tight muscles

My cool keyboard...

  • I have something called alternative control assistive technology. What that means is I get a really cool keyboard to help me do my work. My keyboard is called an ergonomic keyboard and the keys are split up into two groups. I use a computer a lot and a regular keyboard hurts my arm muscles after a while. My ergonomic keyboard keeps my muscles from hurting too much.


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