Crossroads Productions

Open Casting Call

Hello my name is Shelia Hodges, founder of Crossroads Productions. I'd like to invite you to become a part of my ministry by stage by attending the upcoming audition. I'm looking for

actors, singers, understudies, and production crew. If you're interested, please join us Saturday, 9/27/2014 for our open casting calls.

Casting Call

Saturday, Sep. 27th, 11am-3pm

2611 Grant St

Columbia, SC


TINA WASHINGTON- 35 yr. old church girl /main character

TONY- 35 yr. old possess qualities and good looks of every woman's dream/ main character

MOTHER WASHINGTON- 60 yr. old praying mother (must sing)

DEACON WASHINGTON- 60 yr. old and father of Tina (must sing)

UNCLE CHIP-The funniest and most comical character in the play.

AUNTIE KAREN- The wild and crazy personality who's also a heavy drinker

LIL'POP-Close friend of Tony/ Thuggish

PASTOR LOVEY-Pastor of the Sanctified church of the baptist assembly

FIRST LADY LOVEY-Pastor's Wife/ Very Self-centered

MS. BETTY- Works as a maid (must sing) tells of her devastating past

SWAYLA- friend who has a lot of personality challenges (must dance)

POLICE OFFICER-makes a citizens arrest

JANITOR-present throughout production

upon entry to 2611 Grant Street

Please sign your name, and fill out form provided to you upon entry.

If you have a resume and head-shot please bring them with you to the audition.

Actors/Singers please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue.

Singers please prepare an appropriate song to share.