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September 13th, 2021

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A Message From BCE PE:

Hello Bear Creek Families!

We got started on our throwing and catching unit in PE last week! The upper grades worked on catching and some underhand tossing, while Kinder and 1st grade students focused on rolling.

Some 2nd-5th grade classes were able to touch on cardiorespiratory endurance, the goal this week is to make sure we hit our health discussions a bit more! Kindergarteners and first graders learned about the heart and the lungs.

This week our upper grades will focus on overhand throwing and the lower grades will turn that roll into an underhand toss.

As I was creating the PE showcase video from last week's classes I absolutely LOVED watching the students work together, communicating and celebrating their successes with one another! You will see several videos of classes working on their long jump rope skills. This is a new skill for many of them and learning how to be a successful rope turner can be just as difficult as learning how to jump a rope that someone else is turning. Our cubs showed so much resilience during this activity :)

SAVE THE DATE: WALK TO SCHOOL WEEK - OCTOBER 4th! More info coming next week :)


The Learning Goal for our throwing and catching unit is to practice a variety of ways to move a ball to another location or person. The skills in this unit include, rolling, underhand tossing, overhand throwing, and catching.

In this unit, students will learn the basics of throwing and catching a ball. They will practice both underhand rolling and underhand tossing.


This quarter, students will learn about the self-care components of identifying emotions, understanding the zones of regulation and self management strategies. Students will also learn the components of health-related fitness and how they all work together for student wellness.

Thank you for your continued support!

Ms. Schultz and Ms. Hazard

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