Magic Kingdom Park

By:Bailey Rawlings


Magic Kingdom is the first-built of the four parks at Walt Disney World. It's layout and attractions are similar to Disneyland and is a dedicated to fairy tales and Disney characters.

Rules For Employees.

1. No "one-finger" pointing.

2. There's no such thing as "I don't know".

3. Short, plain nails are the only option.

4. No funky glasses.

5. Certain physical characteristics are important.

6. Signature training is important.

7. Keep it clean.

8. No visible tattoos.

9. Everyone goes by first name.

10. No social media.

How The Male Employees Have To Look.

Hair- must be neatly cut on the back and sides, forming a smooth, symmetrical appearance so that it does not extend beyond or cover any part of the ear or the shirt collar.

Face- facial hair must be neatly trimmed and may not present an unkempt appearance. Extreme style are prohibited.

Fingernails- clean, presentable fingernails are a must. Fingernails should not extend beyond the tip of the finger.

How Female Employees Have To Look.

Hair- should be neatly combed and arranged in a classic, easy-to-maintain style. Extreme styles are not permitted.

Makeup- if makeup is worn, it should be applied in a blended manner and in appropriate, neutral color.

Fingernails- should be clean. If polished is used, it should be an appropriate, neutral.