Trash Interviews

Interviewed by: Bela Spillman

The Project

Hello, my name is Bela Spillman. I am a 6th grader at Discovery Middle School. My 7th period science class and I are doing projects about spreading awareness about landfills, while we also try to explain with chemical or non-chemical mixtures. For my project, I chose to interview students, teachers, and my step-dad and mom about the problems and the real facts about landfills.

Question #1

The first question I asked my volunteers was " If someone threw away trash, but didn't recycle, do you believe in the term out of sight, out of mind?". Mrs. Williams simply said "No", Mr, Scott said " I think a lot of people do think that. They think when they throw it away, or just puts it on the curb it just goes away. And our landfill are getting filled up quickly, that is for sure." Logan Heil simply said " No, not really." Emma Lowery shared with me and said " Sometimes yes, sometimes no." Emma Davolt shared " I used to think like that when I was younger, but I realized it's becoming a big problem." Elaina and Tessa both simply said " No". Tom Sullivan shared and said " No. There are environmental impacts that happen, even when it leaves your home. Even though it is getting transported somewhere else. We still have a responsibility." Emily Sullivan explained " No, absolutely not. That trash goes somewhere, when we as a world should figure out what to do with it someday." Mrs. Miller explained her opinion and said " Some people do believe that. However, I don;t think that is right.

Question #2

The second question I asked was " We separate trash with water. That is called flotation. Do you think separating trash with water is wasteful?". Mrs. Williams said " No? I'm not really sure." Mr. Scott shared and said " I don't know. Maybe that is a better idea than hiring a bunch of people to separate the trash, because it could be for costly." Logan Heil said " I don't know what good it does, but I don't know a lot about this topic so I can't say yes or no." Emma Lowery explained " I think it is because some counties don't have very much water, while we are using water to separate trash." Emma Davolt said " I would rather have that instead the trash is getting taken care of." Elaina and Tessa both said " I think so. But maybe." Tom Sullivan explained " It is. There has to be other ways to separate the trash, and recycling is one of those ways." Emily Sullivan shared and said " Because your not just throwing away and culminating trash, but also wasting good water." Mrs. Miller said " It could be, it depends on what they do with the water afterwords.

Question #3

The third question was " Did you know that throwing away batteries, phones, and other electronics can put chemicals in the soil, if the workers could not find those objects in the trash". Mrs. Williams simply said " Yes" Mr Scott said " Oh, I didn't know that." Logan Heil said " I did not know that " the same reply from Emma Lowery,and Emma Davolt. " Elaina and Tessa both said " That is kind of scary." Tom Sullivan said " I did know that. There are initiatives that help collect batteries" Emily Sullivan said " I haven't really thought about it, but that makes sense." And Mrs. Miller simply said " Yes".

Question #4

My last question was " How many pounds per day to you think a human would throw away?". The guesses were 5 pounds ( 2 guesses), 1 to 2 pounds ( 4), 7 pounds ( 1), 10 pounds ( 2), 4 to 5 pounds ( 2), 0.5 of a pound (1). The actually answer was about 4-5 pounds per day. The people who did not answer correctly were very supersized.


In conclusion, I have put my volunteers conclusions to put one as my own. You should recycle, we as a generation can change the way we treat our planet and animals. Think about the Ozone Layer.
The people who participated in the interview were Emily, and Tom Sullivan, Logan Heil, Emma Lowery, Emma Davolt, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Scott, Mrs. Miller, Elaina, and Tessa.

Thank you for your participation.