Field Day Fun

June 2021 Victor Primary School

Movement and Music

Our day was designed by our fantastic PE team, especially Ms. Phelps. Thank you so much for planning a simpler version of this community event. This small start to returning to normal meant our children could have this touchstone memory again!

Thank you to

  • Kostia the violinist who made us dance outside and gave us a lullaby,
  • to Jared Campbell who sang educational songs at a virtual concert,
  • to Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Kochan who played with us in the Auditorium,
  • our wonderful new playground and our trusty old one (goodbye!),
  • to our classroom teachers who led us in outdoor activities like spray tag and noodle tag,
  • and of course, our beloved PARACHUTE during PE.

Thank You PTSA for organizing our Primary School Shirts! We looked like the fabulous team we are!

Big picture
Big picture