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Bryn Mawr College is Up and Running...

We are now a week into the Summer Institute for the Gifted at Bryn Mawr College and it is so hard to believe that we’ve already completed our first week at camp! Time is flying by quickly and many exciting and engaging activities are taking place in and out of classes. Students are happy and the energy here at SIG Bryn Mawr is positive. So many students have told me that they have enjoyed their first week and are looking forward to the second. All students from our youngest to our oldest are learning, making memories and having fun each day. Read to find out about this week's highlights.

I just wanted to send out two quick reminders for the upcoming week.

1. First, it is important that all commuter, extended commuter, and residential campers bring meal cards with them everyday! Recently, students have been forgetting them at home or in the dorm, which causes some delay when entering the cafeteria. Please be advised that if the meal card is lost, Bryn Mawr will charge $15 for a replacement card. Please double check that your child has his/her meal card with him/her each day.

2. Parent Visitation Sunday is this Sunday, July 14th from 9-11am in Thomas Great Hall (plenty of signage will direct you to the Great Hall). Bryn Mawr Day, Commuter, and Residential parents are invited to attend. Each of you is invited to meet your child's teachers and have a short conference with them anytime between 9-11am. We will also have some student work on display for you to take home!

The deans and I hope to see you next Sunday. We’ve had a great first week. We are anticipating an even better second week.

Patti Coughlan

Site Director

SIG @ Bryn Mawr

Train Keeps a Rollin'...

Academically at SIG this week has been both productive and vibrant. Students and instructors alike have settled into a routine of rigorous intellectual inquiry and spirited wonder. Many of our courses are full of students trying their hands at new skills in unfamiliar fields or subject areas. Some are honing and practicing their strengths to perfection. We are welcoming back Archery as the course, “Arrows, Bows, and Crests: The ABC’s of Archery” and testing the waters with Marine Science in "Under the Sea: Diving into Marine Science." We are filled to capacity in, "Animation and Claymation" as well as our tried and true "Fencing Footwork to Foils”. At any given time you might see a student designing their own flying vehicle in our Aviation Course “Aviation: Faster than a Speeding Bullet” or arguing the pressing legal issues of the day in "Journey into Jurisprudence". With a great week under our belts we are shifting into high gear to barrel forward with full intellectual speed! Keep an eye on us as we steam forward!

Student Activities - Week #1

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Home Away From Home...

The Princeton Review ranks Bryn Mawr Dining Services as #9 “Best Campus Food" in the country and the SIG@Bryn Mawr students agree! Both residential and commuter students have been very much enjoying their meals at Bryn Mawr’s famous Erdman Dining Hall. Counselors have been prompting students to make healthy choices and stay hydrated. Students had a festive picnic dinner put on by dining services on the 4th of July. The meal was complete with music and yard games and ended with going to see the spectacular Radnor fireworks.

With the excitement of classes and scheduled activities, homesickness has slipped away. Counselors have done a wonderful job bonding with their students and supporting them in making friendships and acclimating to “dorm life”. Students have been safe and responsible with their dorm keys and courteous to their floor mates. Many students have already done laundry and during this upcoming week, counselors will be encouraging and supporting those who have not.

Notes from the Office Manager...

We are off to a great start! Commuter and Day Program students have been doing a great job with pick up and drop off. When you are waiting outside for pick up, please stay in your car to ensure the campers safety. Please make sure you have the orange sign displayed on the passenger side of the car. Your last name needs to be clearly written on it. Please make sure you are signing your students in and out at the office if they arrive early or leave late. See pictures below.

Attention day campers! Please make sure that you wear your red SIG t-shirt on Monday for camp photos! Don't forget to bring your smile!

We are looking forward to another great week at SIG!

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