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March 12, 2015

This Week

This week in reading we reviewed several different comprehension skills - we identified the problem & solution of a story, we discussed how a character's feeling can change and identified important events in stories.

We practiced using the strategy of using the beginning sound with what we already know would make sense to figure out unknown words. There is a link to a slideshow in the newsletter that explains the strategy a little more. The students shouldn't feel like they have to completely sound out every word they don't know, that's the hurdle we are trying to get over.

In math we are learning learning about 3D/ solid shapes- sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, pyramid, etc. Ask your child to look around the house for items that are shaped like each of these.

I am out today due to an appointment but will return Friday. Remember tomorrow is an EARLY RELEASE!

Last week

We had a blast celebrating Read Across America and Dr. Seuss' birthday. Friday we made green eggs and ham and most students chose to eat it. We also made oobleck and read Bartholomew and the Oobleck. We learned about getting along with others by reading The Sneetches and The Zax.


  • March 13th Early Release 12:00
  • Spring Break!! March 16-20
  • March 26th DRA testing day
  • March 31st Graduation Picture Day
  • April 3rd No School Bad Weather Day
  • April 7th Crowe's Nest Farm Field Trip

Field Trip

Crowe's Nest was flooded from all the rain so they asked us to reschedule our trip. It is now April 7th. If you were planning on going but are unable to make it due to the change in dates please let me know.

Raz Kids e-book access

Your child now has access to hundreds of electronic books to read at home AND you can write them on the reading log!

Go to www.raz-kids.com/login/mhoelscher0 and click on your child's name. There are books leveled specifically for your child to choose from. Your child can take quizzes to show understanding of the book. You can download an app for tablets and mobile devices. Our class username is mhoelscher0

Mrs. Hoelscher's contact information

My conference time is 1:10-1:55

The school number is below, but feel free to text or call me at (512)426-6190 when something important comes up.

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)
Count Down Song - Beginner
Phonics Dance Hunks and Chunks