Polish immigrants

Learning about polish immigrants

How to make polish sausage

It must include:

A brief paragraph describing your culture make sure to include:

Why they came to the US?

They wanted their freedom from the rulers of Russia. They lost it in 1795

They weren't allowed to speak their language anymore. They had to speak what the Russians wanted them to speak

There wasn't enough land to support all the people

Poland was too dangerous because of the war with Russia

Some men thought they would be better off in the US because the US needed workers

Where they settled?

About 100 immigrant families start the first Polish community Panna, Texas

First years in America?

They took trains or boats to get to the U.S.

They built homes and they worked in factories to make glass, soap and tar

More than 2,000,000 immigrants came to the US

A tradition that they bought with them?

1. Polish folk dances such as Mazurka and The Polainaise

2. Church on Sunday

3. Literary circles to discuss Polish writers.

2-3 additional facts about your culture?

Some people died before they got to the us

They helped the colonists fight the Revolutionary War

In 1921 a law limited how many Polish immigrants could come to America

Your recipe? Polish Sausage

1 Clove garlic


Black pepper to taste

Sausage casings


1. Mix all ingredients

2. Soak casing in water rinse ,and put on sausage funnel.

Then press meat into funnel

3. Cook and boil sausage, then simmer I hour +15 min.= 75 minutes.

Photos of Polish Culture:

Why did they come to America

To setall and find shelter and food

We're did the kids go to school good question

There hola days


About polish American

Why did they come to America