Keep Holding On

Lunch is the worst,

- especially for Noelle Walsh.

Noelle lives in a little town, in a little place called, "Middle of Nowhere", but this "Middle of Nowhere" consists first class families & the latest styles. Noelle is an outcast, an embarrassment to this little town. While her Mother neglects her, so does everyone else in her school except her best-friend Sherae and her secret, distant, very popular boyfriend Matt. On top of that, Noelle is constantly verbally and physically bullied for re-wearing the same clothes everyday, and bringing scraps of food to lunch. She knows she would never have a chance with who she really loves, Julian Porter. Follow the journey of a young girl, trying to find her voice.

Director: Julia Creyts

Writer: Susane Colasanti

Stars: Taissa Farmiga, Danika Yarosh, Chandler Canterbury, and Lara Pulver


In this incredible, heart wrenching teen romance movie Noelle Walsh gets bullied everyday for not being as wealthy and lucky as all the other kids her age. Sherae, played by Danika Yarosh, was her best friend and stood by her side through all the drama just like the children in this generation. Not only that but Sheraes place being the only place to hide away, shows how a lot of kids live nowadays. Sherae slowly started to help Noelle progress and deal with her emotions as they both grew. What really stood out to me about this movie, is that a lot of kids can relate to it, and could even gain emotional strength from this movie. The directing, and shots of the movie was perfect.

This movie would be a perfect film to show your teenage children.

I would definitely give this movie a out of 5 star rating.