Hallway Handbill

Columbian Elementary - 4.11.16


We have MAP testing starting next week as everyone knows. We have other end of the year assessments coming up as well for all grade levels. This is our students' chance to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW! Use the Motor Lab or Brain Gym or go on a walk outside before testing to help you get the most out of your students. Yoga, stretching and deep breaths can all help relax testing stress (this works for students as well!).

Weekly Schedule

Monday, April 11: 12:30 pm KOAM filming Pledge of Allegiance

Tuesday, April 12: MAP testing begins; 2nd grade to Neosho Fish Hatchery

Wednesday, April 13: Jeans Day for $5

Thursday, April 14: 12:20 pm Kindergarten Lunch with a Loved One

Looking Ahead

Tuesday, April 19: 4th grade MAP testing begins

Wednesday, April 20: 1st grade Field Trip to MSSU Play & Picnic; workroom copier reset

Tuesday, April 26: 3rd grade Field Trip to Springfield Nature Center; box tops pickup

Wednesday, April 27: American Reading Company meeting for 1st grade

Friday, April 29: 2 pm 3rd grade MAP Pizza Party; 2:30 pm 4th grade MAP Pizza Party


March: 5th Sarah Breese & 12th Laurel Newman