Child Development Ages 4-6

Things you need to know!

Multiple Intellegences

Multiple intelligences are different ways of using the mind and body to experience the world. Some different examples are:

Verbal-linguistic - someone who learns the language and words

Logical-mathematical - someone who finds patterns to connect to facts and observations

Visual-spatial - someone who learns through pictures and colors

Musical - someone who learns with rhythm, melodies, and sounds

Bodily-kinesthetic - someone who learns with body movements, such as dancing

Interpersonal - someone who is good at communicating and empathizing with others

Intrapersonal - someone who is a little less social, but very independent

Naturalistic - someone who is revealed by the natural world, such as plants, animals, and the process of nature

Activities for Brain Development

Verbal-linguistic: Do a crossword or play a game like Scrabble

Logical-mathematical: Help your child with a science experiment

Visual-spacial: Do an art project related to what your child is learning about

Musical: Listen to music or create a song

Bodily-kinesthetic: Make a hands-on model about what your child is learning

Interpersonal: Provide social interactions with new people

Intrapersonal: Set goals with your child and monitor progress with them

Naturalistic: Go for a walk and look at different plants and animals

Tips & Tricks for Assessing School Readiness

If you answered yes or sometimes to the following questions, your child is most likely ready for kindergarten:

  • Can your child think logically?
  • Can your child speak clearly?
  • Can your child interact well with other children and adults?
  • Can your child listen to instructions and follow them?
  • Can your child put on their jacket and go to the bathroom by themselves?
  • Can your child recite the alphabet and count?
  • Can your child hold a pencil or scissors?
  • Can your child work well in a group of other students?

Healthy Snacks & Meal Ideas

Breakfast Ideas:
  • oatmeal
  • bagel
  • french toast
  • eggs
  • fresh fruits

Snack Ideas:

  • crackers and cheese
  • apples and peanut butter
  • frozen pineapple ice pops
  • fruity yogurt bites
  • dehydrated fruits
  • ants on a log
  • yogurt parfait

Dinner Ideas:

  • tacos
  • mashed potatoes (as a side)
  • chicken Alfredo
  • casserole
  • soup
  • meatballs
  • ham and cheese sandwiches