Light v. Darkness

The Tale of Despereaux

Light is better than Darkness

"Light is precious in a world so dark" (DiCamillo 212)

Even in great times of Darkness, it is your choice weather there is Light or not

"... do you think it is a terrible thing to hope when there is really no reason to hope at all? Or is it something that you might as well do, since, it really makes no difference to anyone but you?" (DiCamillo 127)

You are in control of your own Light

"Pea was aware suddenly of how fragile her heart was, how much darkness was inside it, fighting, always, with light. She did not like the rat. She would never like the rat, but she knew what she must do to save her own heart." (DiCamillo 261)

"Good and Evil: A Principle of Polarity"

This article deals with society and "good" and "evil" people. It explains the Principle of Polarity which states that for one extreme there is another opposite extreme. So, for example, for every "good" deed that is done, there is a another "evil" deed that has been done is response. The article states that this has been going on for every and that it happens every where. Also, it explains that the reason for this is that there is no clear "good" or "evil". Good is only what one particular person believes is good
This article contributes to my understanding of the novel because it makes me realize that maybe what characters in did was not black and white, maybe it was grey. Reflecting on the novel now I realize that perhaps Chiaroscuro kidnapping Princess Pea was not all bad. Maybe his bad actions had good intensions.
This article contributes to my understanding of the theme because it gives me connections to historical people that are examples of this grey area. One example from history the article mentions is Hitler. There is no doubt that Hitler's concentration camps were evil, but it does mention that before Hitler persecuted the Jews, he fixed Germany's economy.
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Every day I experience light and darkness. Whether from the choices I make or the choices of other I encounter it. Everyday I have the opportunity to hold the door for someone, or to say thank you. Everyday I have the chance to spread some light instead of darkness.