The history and Inventors of Steamboats

Built in 1769 by Robert Fulton this steamboat will get to where you want to go. The first boat, the Clermont, went from New York to Albany going 40 miles in 32 hours.

The brilliant men who built the steamboats were Robert Fulton, and John Fitch. Fulton was an american inventor who believed that a steam powered motor could be used for transportation. When Fitch asked him to build a steamboat with him he was on board, and so they designed and built the Clermont. People thought that the steamboat was going to fail, after it made the whole trip people wanted one of their own, and so the steamboat period began.

advantages and disadvantages

Travelling has never been easier, faster, and cheaper, but everything good has to have something bad about it. Be careful of steamboat races, Native american attacks, or boiler explosions and of course sinking. Two out of the four are preventable. The dangers that come with racing, just don't race. Take care of the boiler and make sure it's in good condition at all times. Be careful on the water to avoid anything that will make you sink, and don't forget to watch out for Native americans.

How It Impacted and The Importance To North Dakota

The boats encouraged people to come to North Dakota. At first it was workers, then settlers, and finally merchants. It wasn't long until communities formed all around the borders of the Red River. The boats brought the very first people here. Without it the towns wouldn't have formed as fast.
Robert Fulton Invents the Steamboat