Polar Bears

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What are Polar Bears

Polar Bears are the largest carnivore living on land. Polar Bears live in the freezing cold climate of the Arctic.

Polar bears body

A Polar Bear has a white coat with black skin under it to keep it warm. A Polar Bear also has no eyelashes because it would collect ice but it has a third eyelid. Polar Bears also can float easily because of their waterproof coat.

A Polar bears birth

Female polar bears mate in April or June. In September a female polar bear digs a den to make a chamber she will stay in until spring. Baby polar bears are born six weeks after their mother enters the chamber. The cubs are the size of rats and weigh 20 to 25oz. they are blind, deaf, and completely helpless. By March or April the cubs are about the size of small dogs.

Defending family

If a male Polar Bear threatens a female Polar Bears family, the mother can make the male go away. There are only two reasons for this to happen, first is if a female is very good while defending her cubs. The other reason is if a male bear wants to mate again or he is hungry.


Polar Bears eat Seals, Large whales, small whales, squid, and walruses, but mainly seals. Ringed seals are there favorite.The best place for a Polar Bear to find its prey is at a hole in the ice. Besides waiting for prey pPolar Bears will also stalk seals on the ice.

People as predators?

Polar Bears have killed many people and there is a disagreement about whether bears actually hunt people for food. Polar Bears seem curious about people and will often come right up to a vehicle windows to get a good look.


Polar Bears are also called sea bears. Polar Bears can live until they are twenty five years old. To some people they might appear white or yellow but their fur is clear and hollow, it is caused by a refelction of scattering light. Polar Bears can smell a seals aglu up to a mile away. When there is no food,polar Bears eat garbage or styrofoam.