Padgett- work with classrooms and teachers, trainings, engagement at Rosemont 4th grade

Herrera- Texas Math Science 3rd place, climate growth

Moon- open classroom at Rosemont work stations, City of Dallas- lower, girls volleyball

Sunset- Special Education special program with Martin Luther King message, MLEP, Students have begun to stay for dinner and attending tutoring, ways to include middle schools and inform families early, biliteracy, academies- finance, STEM, biliteracy, biomedical

Winnetka- basketball girls won (24-0) City of Dallas, Robotics- placed skills 1st place Texas, 12 in world, programming Texas #1 world #24 competing with middle schools

Rogers-Hall- STEM Day entry, spots

Marquez- seeing growth, girls and boys basketball with the City, Saturday School only called 15, Honors Academy 30, TAG Saturday, special education supports

Lida Hooe- spelling bee district winners

Greiner- business students three, peoples choice awards, innovative idea, national avid will visit, basketball undefeated, mariachi band place in UIL #1’s honor choir, band and 84 orchestra

Gretchen Bernabei writing

Greiner Flipped PD