Warren Weekly Newsletter

June 1- 5

From Mrs. Wilkins

Happy June,

This week teachers are looking forward to "meeting" with your child/children. It's been quite the year! Going into remote learning our Warren goal was for families to feel supported. The conversations between you and your child's teacher are a way for us to thank you for navigating this unprecedented road with us. Most importantly, it's a way for your child's teacher to tell your child they will miss them and to celebrate their growth this year.

It's a privilege to have the honor of educating your child/children. Know that I will continue to send updates during the summer regarding our next school year. If you know your family will be moving during the summer please send me an e-mail.

This week marks the conclusion of classroom lessons provided by your child's teacher. Below you will find lessons provided by our outstanding specialists. Your child will have access to their classroom Clever page and links within their Clever page until August 1.


Mrs. Wilkins

LWilkins@helenaschools.org 324.1576

Physical Education



Social Skills


  • Draw a self portrait while looking in a mirror. Color in your self portrait.
  • Draw an imaginary creature/animal/pet who could live near your bed.
  • Create a character with super powers. Design their “Super Power” costume with a special logo.
  • Using Lego blocks, build a sculpture and then draw or photograph it.
  • Have someone describe an animal to you without telling you which animal it is. Then draw their description. Were you close

Virtual Field Trips

AR Top Reader Award!

And the winner is… Drumroll please…. Congratulations to A.J. Keller from Mrs. Ford’s class! A.J. was Warren School’s top reader this year, earning 118 Accelerated Reader points. This was a huge accomplishment for a third grader! A.J. will be receiving a $25.00 Target gift card in the mail. Thanks for being a great student, a super reader, and an awesome person, A.J.!!

Big picture

Social Distance Student Belonging Pick-Up (June 8, 9, and 10)

Sign up below to pick up your child/children's belongings. Your child's/children's belongings have been packed up by their teacher.

Please note social distance practices will be adhered to when you come to pick-up your child/children's belongings. Staff will be wearing masks and staying 6ft a part. We ask that you stay in your car and your child/ children be prepared for air hugs and air high fives!

K-4 belonging pick-up- parking lot by entry 1 (front office)

5th grade belonging pick up- large parking lot by "the map" and primary playground

K-4 Sign-Up to Pick up your Child's Belongings

5th grade + Sibling Belonging's Pick-Up

We are so proud of our Warren students!

Every week teachers will highlight their wonderful students. All students will be featured by the end of the school year, so keep a look out for your child/children. Way to go Warren Wolverines! #WarrenStrong

This Week's Featured Students


Mrs. Ralph

Soren S: He lost his first tooth! He has been helping his mom out in the garden and really likes finding the worms. He also likes riding his bike outside.

Coy E: He sent a friend a very special birthday video. He has been working in the garden with his mom and little brother. Has been riding horses and branding cows.

Damian H:

Harper C: She sent her teacher a sweet postcard! She has worked very hard on her school work. She has been outside finding

Mrs. Sorensen

Jaxson is cheerful each time I get to talk to him on the phone. He was very excited one sunny day that he got to eat outside. He has also been doing a great job on his math work.

I enjoy getting the work Haven’s mother sends each week. Haven enjoys her cats, her cousins, and is excited about her new camper.

Owen is buzzing through his math. He is also enjoying playing with his brothers and jumping on the trampoline.

Wynter has been busy with sight word cards. She has been playing with her dogs and her lol dolls.

Mrs. Tabaracci

Hemi is so excited to visit with people who call. She has been riding with her mom and helps her dad and cousins out in the shop. She is learning a lot about so many things. She is taking “Flat Mrs. T” with her on her adventures.

JD likes the fact that science is everywhere! He is learning about plants, skulls, quartz and baking. He recently lost his top front tooth eating a gummy fruit snack. He enjoys playing dice games with his sight words and exploring his surroundings. He is always on the go.

During remote learning, Kading has done a stellar job on her schoolwork. Listening to her excitement while she reads is so awesome. She has turned 6 during this time and home and has lost a tooth. She and her sister help her dad in the shop, help mom in the house and ride bikes as often as they can.

Landyn has enjoyed being home with his big brother, mom and dad. He is enjoying camping, riding his 4-wheeler and doing projects around the house. He has really done a nice job with his homework as well.

First Grade


Leela- Leela was new to Warren this year but she made friends right away. She is so kind to every person and always willing to help. She is a great kid and a wonderful addition to Warren School.

Sylas- Sylas is not afraid of learning. He always asks questions because he loves to learn and genuinely wants to figure things out. Sylas is also very dedicated! When he starts a project or anything you know he will finish it.

Sophie- Sophie is very kind and caring. Throughout the year she has been a helper. If someone is upset or gets hurt, she would be right there asking if they were ok.

Khloe- Khloe can make friends easily! She has a great personality that everyone likes. She is also a learner and hard worker.

Luke- Luke is a bobcat fan! Luke loves to learn new things but he enjoys to be challenged. He is a hard worker and kind to everyone!

Mila- Mila has worked so hard to become the artist she is today. She has a passion for drawing and it shows in her work!

Zelos- Zelos has worked hard this year. He has grown so much as a student it has been so exciting to see.

Mrs. Horne

Callie Rule is a bright little girl who is quite clever and creative. She always added an extra doodle on papers that would surprise me and make me smile! She has been enjoying time camping with her family and turning in great work throughout online learning.

Kinley Taylor is a little girl who just loves school. When she isn’t working hard on her online schooling tasks, you can find her jumping on the trampoline or doing tricks on her swing set. Kinley has always had a positive attitude towards school!

Maria Vaca has a big personality hiding inside this little girl! Maria has a funny sense of humor and likes to make others laugh. She is kind towards her peers and it has been a joy seeing her on Teams meetings!

Amanda Weidow is a creative girl who works on lots of arts and craft projects. She even told her classmates about making homemade syrup, soap, and perfume from plants & flowers she finds outside in nature! Amanda likes to do well in school and has done so during online learning.

Mrs. O'Brian

Blaine Cohn-Blaine is a fun-loving boy. He works hard and overcame many frustrations this year. He is kind and gets along well with others. He also likes to make others laugh.

Kambria Taylor-Kambria aims to please. She is outgoing and works hard in school. She loves horses and loves to share her passion with others. It’s fun to listen to her enthusiasm.

Kate Nose-Kate has a big heart and is always looking out for others. She has a strong compassion for everyone around her. She works hard to always do her best and loves to help out.

Levi Lefferts-Levi is a friendly student. He is a great reader and really took off this year. He loves to create things and have fun with his friends.

Jax Williams-Jax is a hard worker and will tackle anything you give him. He continues to work hard at home. He is always kind to others and sets a good example.

Tyson Stovall-Tyson is a fun-loving, enthusiastic boy. He works hard even when things are frustrating, and he looks out for others. He has a big heart.

Second Grade


Parker is such a kindhearted boy. He is encouraging to his classmates and works hard to be a good friend to others. I love listening to all of his creative stories.

Harper is super easy going and is always able to go with the flow. She has such attention to detail, and I love seeing her creative side come out in the classroom.

Bowen is one sweet guy. He is beyond respectful to everyone in the building, but also knows how to enjoy a good laugh. In class he always willing to challenge himself and perseveres through any struggles.


Cain is a good time! From his jokes to his creative way of putting things I can always count on him to put a smile on my face. I admire the way he is always willing to own and fix his mistakes.

Logan is a super creative thinker! He notices the way things work and makes connections that others might not. He also loves to joke around and is forever keeping us on our toes!

Adalia is an amazing, beautiful soul on the inside and out. She has the ability to make something from nothing (literally) and can take a piece of scrap paper and create magic with it.


Avayah- You have such a sweet spirit about you. I love getting to hear about your understanding of concepts we discuss in class. I’m sure your family appreciates how helpful you are at home and how you tend to the little kids and include them. I have loved seeing how hard you have been working while working from home. Keep it up!! You are doing a fabulous job!!

Ayrihanna- Ayrihanna is a super kind individual. She is always polite and considerate of others. I miss seeing her in class and getting to hear her stories. She is always loving towards her family and will always do her best. Keep up the great work!!

Arabella- Arabella is new to our class and joined us during our Remote Learning. I can only imagine the determination it takes to enter a new school while we are in remote learning. I commend you “Bella” in doing your very best under these unique circumstances.

Third Grade


Wyatt Franklin- Wyatt has a kind heart, willing to be a friend to anyone, and always respectful to his teacher. When Wyatt gives his best effort, the results are amazing! Wyatt enjoys playing the Xbox and riding his bike!

Makena Pedersen – Makena is creative and has an upbeat personality. This year she has made a lot of growth as a result of her hard work. She loves to go camping and her dogs, Bruno and Molly, love to join our video chats!

Lexi Peterson – Lexi has a great sense of humor and takes a lot of pride in her work. She is always willing to lend a hand for her teacher and is a great storyteller! She has done a wonderful job learning from home and has even created her own classroom fort in her living room!

Nathan Ricketts – Nathan has great energy and loves to make others laugh! In his spare time, he enjoys soccer, playing outside, and spending time with his family. Nathan has so many wonderful abilities and I know he has a bright future!

Rikki Luhrsen – Rikki is a sweet girl who cares about others. She is polite and loves to create and reveal her artistic side! She warms my heart and makes me smile just by being herself.

Leo Schoenborne – Leo has so many wonderful qualities. He has a gentle heart and loves to help others. When Leo gives his best effort, the results are amazing! He loves to draw, create, and think outside the box!

Mia Barragan – Mia is very artistic and hard worker! She is always willing to help and goes above and beyond while doing so. In addition to online learning, Mia has been busy playing the piano, painting, and helping with her family’s business.

Hayden Lipes – Hayden is fun girl who loves to laugh! She also loves to color, and I am always so impressed with her drawings!

Kaine Sharp – Kaine is a fun-loving kid who continues to persevere despite any challenges he may face. He produces neat, quality work and loves to think outside the box. Kaine has done a wonderful job learning from home and he loves to build Legos in his spare time!

Hallie Williams – Hallie is a sweet girl who is responsible and respectful to her teacher. You will often find Hallie with a smile on her face, and our class has enjoyed learning about all of her awesome pets!


Kiera Glass has shown that she is resilient! I love how she solved problems, both regarding her assignments and technology itself. She has proved that, with a little grit and determination, you can do anything! She has livened up our class chats. We all miss getting to see her every day.

Ryder Kelman is another who has shown super resiliency! Ryder has put forth awesome effort with schoolwork and I couldn’t be prouder of him! I miss his wonderful personality and jokes.

Alayna Scott has been so great! She has completed tough work and still made time to come to our class chats. She is pretty good at Go Fish and Memory!! She has also told me that she is getting good at golf! I’d love to see her on the course this summer!

Lillian Edwards is such a sweet girl that I really miss!! Her wonderful, kind attitude and willingness to help is something even her peers recognize. I appreciate her doing as much schoolwork as she has and can’t wait to see her next school year as a fourth grader!

Robert Wheeler has gotten some amazing work done during this crazy time. He has also managed to work hard on the ranch, working on branding and everything that entails being with the cows I’m sure. I sure do miss seeing him every day to hear his stories!

Mason Horton is a great kid! He too, has been working extra hard and has definitely made our class chats even more fun when he is there. I have missed his creativity and fun jokes!



Keith Kallio – Keith worked so hard this year and made incredible progress! He has a wonderful, quirky sense of humor that makes him a lot of fun to be around. I was always impressed with the various puzzles (like rubik’s cubes) he brought to class and could manipulate so easily!

Delia Ratley – Delia is one of the most genuinely kindhearted, thoughtful people I know! She is super friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. I appreciate her easygoing personality and her great sense of humor. She is always able to make me smile!

Ta’Lia Hall – Ta’Lia has so many great qualities! She is self-motivated and driven to do her best. She is my only 4th grader who passed every one of her multiplication facts before remote learning started. She is also extremely respectful and responsible. I am so happy that she returned to Warren and even happier that I was able to have her in my class again. I am confident that she is headed for amazing things!

Bryan Davenport – Bryan is one of the most knowledgeable people I know! He can tell you all about various historical events, including the Titanic, the 1935 Helena earthquake, and much more. He is kind and always willing to tell a great story!

Kyra Fisher – Kyra is such a happy person with a great personality! She is also responsible and shows great resilience. She is one of those people that can make you happy just by seeing her humongous, beautiful smile!

Adi Schoenborne – Adi may be quiet, but she also has great strength inside her! She is kind and extremely hard working. She showed grit and perseverance time and time again when things got tough in 4th grade math!


Harper Johnson- Harper has been a rockstar throughout our time away from school. Harper is always willing to let adults know how she is doing and works hard every day. She loves to help others especially her younger siblings. Harper’s eyes will pop up whenever you mention Harry Potter. I am proud of you Harper.

Maizy Shatraw- Maizy came to Warren during the middle of the year and she has done a great job fitting right in! Maizy is a fantastic artist and enjoys drawing Anime. I will always cherish the anime version of OKC Thunder players she made for me!

Rally Meyer- If you have ever been to Great Divide, you have probably seen Rally sking down the hill! Rally enjoys playing on his Xbox and I absolutely love his goofy side!

Sophie Shepherd- Sophie is very quiet at times but she can also be a little ball of fun energy! Her smile can light up a room. Sophie is a hard working that loves to read. She loves giving hugs and showing people she cares about them.

Coll Petre- Coll has worked very hard this school year. He has made big gains and is willing to work. When he isn’t working on his ranch, Coll loves sports, especially the Bobcats! I am very proud of how hard Coll has worked during remote learning.

Kale Day- Kale is just an overall great kid. It seems like everyone likes Kale and it’s easy to when Kale is nice to everyone! Kale loves playing basketball and the outdoors. Kale is a great leader and will be a good role model for younger Warren kids.

Nolan McDonnell- Nolan is maybe the most helpful kids I know. Nolan is always willing to do jobs around the classroom and school for adults and doesn’t expect anything back. Nolan loves cars and 4-wheelers. I will miss not having someone that dedicated to keep our room looking so great next year. Nice Work Nolan!

Fifth Grade

Mrs. McNay

James is a quiet, inquisitive student who tends to thoughts to himself, but the wheels are always turning. When James chooses to share his thoughts, they are witty and very insightful. I can always count on him to do the right thing and stay on task when things around not going to plan!

Chloe has a great sense of humor and takes a lot of pride in her work. She is always willing to lend a hand for her teacher and anyone else who needs it. I love seeing Chloe’s kindness in action and is such a blessing in the classroom. Chloe enjoys spending time with her family.

Kortney always comes to school with a smile on her face! At first, Kortney is quiet but once you get to know her, she has the best sense of humor. Kortney loves spending time with her family and gets excited when she gets her 4-H animals.

Dj is new this year! I have loved getting to know her and hearing all about the adventures she has had over her life like living in Japan. Dj is a very kind, artistic kiddo who loves to tell stories. She has been a great addition to my class and Warren!

Kaylee is a quiet, hardworking, kiddo who can make friends with anyone! Kaylee’s smile can light up the room and she has stayed super positive during this time. I appreciate that she has done such a great job in communicating with me


Juli-Juli is a great kid and I have missed her a lot. She has a kind soul and was so caring to others around her. She has worked really hard this year and I am excited for her to be able to experience middle school!

Malaina-Malaina is such a bright spot in our class. She was also an amazing helper to me always asking if I had any jobs for her to do😊 I truly appreciate the enthusiasm she put into her learning throughout the year and for the leadership she brought to our classroom daily.

TrystanTrystan had a great year in fifth-grade. I enjoyed having him in class and appreciate his work ethic. I am excited for his future in middle school! He is a kind, hard-working kid and plays baseball too!

Henry S.--Henry has done so well during remote learning. He has been actively engaged in class chats and in his free time he enjoys video games. It was great to see his smiling face and he was always asking questions! I love this about him. I wish him the best of luck in middle school!

Evie—Evie is such a creative girl. I have loved her in my class this year. So fun to talk about our animals! She has done a good job balancing chores around her house and remote learning. She will do great things in middle school. I will miss her greatly.

Teagan—Teagan is a bright kid. He has done so well academically and gives the greatest hugs! He did an awesome job joining class chats and staying engaged. What a joy to have in our class. I wish him the best as he moves on to middle school!