Performance Improvement in Teaching

Refuel and recharge your teaching in a digital age

Get Ready! PITs is JUNE 20-24, 2016

The Blackboard course for PITs will open on June 13th. During this week, we would like you to do a couple of things that you can begin to get together now.

1. Introduce yourself to everyone to create a digital directory on Blackboard, (include a photo of your choice).

2. Upload copies of your teaching evaluations from last year and current year via Blackboard. You can also send a recording of your teaching if you have an ECHO link or other mechanism for sharing. (Don't worry, this will be kept private.)

3. Identify the teaching unit that you would like to transform during PITs.
Answer a couple of questions about your project:

  • What is your target audience? Undergraduate | Graduate
  • What are the current learning objectives for your unit of instruction?
  • What, if anything, do you currently do to assess learning for this unit of instruction? How do you know if students have learned the desired content?
  • What special challenges, questions, problems or concerns do you currently have about this unit of instruction?

4. Create a folder for your personal materials in Office 365: OneDrive using the following steps:

  • Go to and login with your UNMC credentials.
  • Then under OneDrive, create a new folder labeled “PITs”

(Assistance with this step will also be provided the first day if needed).

The PITs Blackboard site will house all of your program materials, tutorials, recommended readings and other important information shared throughout the week.

What to Expect

PITS is an interactive and casual learning environment, and should be free from distractions of cell phones and pagers.

You are encouraged to bring your laptop with all your learning resources and existing assets pre-loaded and organized so that you can have them readily available to you throughout the week. Don’t forget your power cords for extended use.

Casual / comfortable dress is acceptable and appropriate for this week. Dressing in layers is always recommended.

Lunch will be on your own so you can do whatever you need to do to recharge over lunch... take a walk, engage with other faculty members, or check your email! Affordable lunch options are available in the Sorrell building or you can walk a short distance to the UNMC cafeteria.

Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day to keep you energized in your important work! Feel free to bring your own if you prefer. We want you to feel comfortable and have everything you need to feel productive during this week!

The entire 4th floor has been reserved for your use throughout the week. You can also reserve private space in the library via UNMC's app. This is the time to hide away - just you or your team - and get things done!

Good Reads

Here are a few of our favorite books that will be featured during PITs. You may be interested in purchasing your own print or digital copy.

View the campus map to see the best places to park for this program. The meeting location on JUNE 20th will be in the Michael F. Sorrell Center, Room 4053.