Mrs. Katona's Art Class


The Ming Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty ruled Ancient China from 1368 to 1644.

Art flourished during the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty is famous for its unique and beautiful blue and white porcelain vases.

During this period, the kilns at Jingdezhen (the porcelain capital of China) were able to produce large amounts of high-quality porcelain providing all of China with vases, bowls, urns, and other goods.

Ming vases got their name because the porcelain vases became very popular during the Ming dynasty in China. These vases were prized at the time and throughout the world. They are still considered extremely valuable and are sought after today.

This is the era that produced so much blue and white porcelain, it found its way to distant shores and became the inspiration for Holland’s Dutch delftware patterns.

Fun Fact: The Great Wall of China was almost completely rebuilt by the Ming Dynasty. The tall and wide brick walls that are still standing today were built by the Ming.