Get Whitt it!

If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

PDAS reminders!

A couple of dates to remember in regards to PDAS are as follows:

Sept. 14th – Deadline for Teacher Self Report forms – Part one to be completed.

Sept. 14th – Appraisal period begins.

Our September teacher of the month!

Congratulations to KRISTI WILLIAMS!

You will be celebrated at a Chamber lunch next week! See Patty for details, :)

a techno tip for the week!

We are loving what we are seeing in your classrooms!! As we are doing walk throughs, please note the "tech note" I am leaving if I see a place where technology could have been added. Not as a critical note, but just as "hey, this could work here too!" I want you to have as many ideas in your tool box as you can, and know that this is an ongoing focus and collaborative effort!

Here's an informative article from EdWeek about a teacher who redefined her classroom instruction as a result of the technology, in particular, iPads. This line " I had seen them as a supplement to my pre-existing curriculum, trying to fit them into the structure of what I’d always done. This was the wrong approach: To truly change how my classroom worked, I needed a technology-based redefinition of my practice." is amazing! This is where we are making our way towards that goal. Notice how towards the bottom she mentions again how contenet specific have a purpose, but their data collection roles are limited. By focusing on creation pieces, you're able to really see what your students do!

Complete the monthly challenge to be entered to win a trip to TCEA in February!!

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Thanks C&I team!!

Fire Marshall visit

  • No extention cords
  • No storage within 18' on the c (This was ALL Over!! Check your storage rooms too!)
  • No string hanging from the ceiling, has to be fishing wire!
  • No multi plugs (The lil'plug in things that let you plug in multiple things, but isn't a power strip)

Bradshaw's Blurb...

Bulletin Boards

Teachers, over the next few days take some time to revisit our grade level bulletin boards. Many boards are empty and we can't wait to fill them with our student's fabulous work! Please make a plan with your team on how you will display student work by the end of next week! Let's get those boards filled with great student work!


Our dismissal is getting better and smoother each day! Thank you so much for all of your efforts in making this happen! #wearewhitt

One area that we still need your help with is car rider loading time. There are days that we are calling student's names multiple times before they come out to load. Inside car duty teachers, we are asking that you help us by having our students in the hallways wait quietly. By adjusting this expectation, our goal is that each student will hear their name the first time it is called and that our loading will happen more quickly. Thank you for your help with this.

Patty's Pontifications

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Sharla Palmer, Sept 10

Kristal Tucker, Sept 13