Wendy's Words Week 11

Progress Reports

Progress Reporting Is Upon Us

During the end of a grading period, we are required to send progress reports to parents so they are informed as to the progress their child is making on their IEP goals. Since we transitioned to Indiana IEP, you will need to either report progress on the IEP goals that were in Lumen Touch (either on paper or where you saved them if the information hasn't been transferred in IIEP), or you can use the progress reporting tool in IIEP. I can't stress enough to network and communicate with each other in this process. In IIEP there are different progress monitoring tools depending on the type of documentation you indicated during goal writing. Some are easier to use than others, but it depends on your style.

I'm including 2 links to websites that provide further directions on batch printing of progress reports.

Fall Break Is Upon Us!!!

Since each of the corporations in the co-op have different Fall Breaks, I will continue to send "Wendy's Words" each Friday. Enjoy your time off in the next few weeks and take some time to rest and recharge!!