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The city of Chicago is an experimental city that the citizen don't know about. There city separated from the outside world that is being controlled by people who think that they are pure and others are damaged. Divide by fractions that are now falling apart the city has to decide if they continue on the path thereon or choose a new one. Going outside the city citizens of the city learn what is really going on. They have to decide if they believe the people in control or decide what to do themselves.

Veronica Roth

26 year old novels and short story writer Veronica Roth had begun her career differently than most writers. She was quick in her journey to literary stardom. Graduating from the university's prestigious writing program. She kept on writing with the series she began in collage, divergent getting her in New York times best selling at the age of 22.
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Main Character

Beatrice also know as Tris, is the main characters in the Divergent series. Although she appears to be small and fragile she is courageous and strong. She shows that throughout all the books and most of all in Allegiant. Tris keeps going forwards even after losing most of the people she loves. Through everything that she has experienced Tris keeps going forwards, never backing down.
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Book Reviews

“I think it’s awesome, and the coolest decision that’s ever happened in the young adult novel world. I’m such a fan!” Woodley said.

“Ms. Roth had a lot of opportunity with this book. But because of her huge readership, she had a lot of power and responsibility too. She needed to write a good story,” wrote one reviewer.

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Allegiant, the last of the Divergent series has to be the most action and mystery filled book in the series. It gives a twist that no one would have expected an author to do. Though it has a different style than the other books in the series. It only make it more enjoyable. This book makes the series indifferent then any other book series. This book is filled to the brim with adventure and suspense. Allegiant makes readers seat at the edge of their seats wanting more.
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