Get to know your cells better.


This specific cell can look like anything and changes its figure/shape.this cell is called move this cell uses its psuedopod to move around. The way that it gets its food is it cell membrane and its cyto plasma to dives food particles. The amoeba reproduces asexually.something that separates them from the rest is it can change shapes.


The euglena looks like a . It uses a whip-like tail called a flagellum and wriggles it around to proprel forward. The cell can digest its food and uses chloroplast a photosynthesis. The euglena can reproduce asexually.


The volvax looks a big ball but the unique trait about this cell is it isn't just one cell its multiple cells. The way that this cell moves is it has multiple flagella. Like a plant this cell makes its own food using photosythisis. This cell reproduces sexually unlike the other cells.

Something that separates it from everyone else is that they live in colonies.


The paramecium uses its cilia and wriggles it around to propel itself forward. It can digest food cells. This cell reproduces asexually. And has two nuclei.