Today we are going to learn about dolphins.Some dolphins have little secrets we may not know.

How many years does All Dolphins Have?

Dolphins live up to 40 years or more.. That's AMAZING!! Dolphins are very,very special.

How Many Seconds Or Minutes Can Dolphins Hold Their Breath Underwater?

I Will Say......... About 2 Mins.Dolphins Are Like Humans, We Can Not Breath Underwater for A Long Time, Right? Instead Of A Nose, Dolphins Use Blowholes To Breathe.

Where Do Dolphins Live?

You Can Find Them In Saltwater Or Freshwater. What Do They Eat? They Eat Fish,Squid And Crustaceans, They Can Be In A Diet Too!

FACTS And conclusion

Awesome Fact: Dolphins cousins are porpoise.

CrAzY FaCtS: dolphins have larger brains for their body size.

Dolphins are very cute,playful,and smart! they might do things like us,humans.i hope u learned something new! BYE

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