My Poems 2012

By: Jeremy


I dream of glory and fame,

I shall be big and lions I should tame.

I will fly and grin,

I might twirl and spin.

So I dream of glory and fame,

but right now I'm still the same.

A Bunny Named Frog- Limerick

There was an old bunny named Frog,

who lived inside of a log.

Something was chasing him,

A coyote named Tim!

But he had lost him in the fog.


Making light at night.

Fortunate for us tonight

it is bright enough.

Plump Peter Chores-Alliteration

Pardon plump Peter penalizing packrats,

playing piano,

picking parsley,

passing paratroopers,

pitching pickles,

partly partying,

and patting poor Pauline

Sports-Simile And Metaphor

On Saturday I paly sports outside with my brother.

Once he tackled me in football,

and I landed on a stick.

It was about as fun as a needle in the eye.

He asked if I was okay and I said

"Yes I'm fine, I am a tough kleenex."

Steak- Imagery

I finnally get a steak.

As I bite into it the saltiness hits me like a rocket.

It was so delicious that my tastebuds begged for more,

so juicy that it made Niagra Falls feel like a spray gun.

And was so crispy even the deaf people could hear the crunch,

It was so mouth-watering I drooled so much it made oceans look like puddles.

I have high hopes for having another steak again,

since we have a cow pasture next to our house.

A Day With Nature-Personification

I am brought a new day.

The sun follows the moon up into the sky.

The sea is clear and shows me it's fish.

I pick up a stone it reminds me of a pillow.

A fire dances in the distance,

Then rain came as if on cue.

The clouds look down at me like they're mocking me.

The rest of the day goes by like a tape being fast-fowarded.

That night I stare at the stars.

I talk to the moon, it gives me full attention.

The night was so beautiful I slept on the hammock,

And hope that day remembers me forever.