Mimio Training 2016

3rd and 4th Grade Teachers

Tools and Applications- Reference Cards




You can highlight your text with the main pointer, go to tools, select recognize text and it will change your handwritten notes to printed. Capturing is a breeze. The Gallery has images-clip art, templates-lesson plans, and multi-media. It even has sound effects.

Mimio Connect-Become a Member


You can modify at will and ask a Mimio Master at anytime. You can find members you like and follow and save your favorites to a play list. We are able to form groups to share resources through our profiles. It is easy to share lessons by hitting the green button on your profile. There is a Training and Events tab for a calendar of free professional developments. We can search for common core or state standards and view the latest lessons added. Mimio Learn Resource Packs, located at the bottom right hand corner on the home page, offer more resources you can download into your gallery. Don't forget to export your gallery every once in a while by right clicking on the gallery, choose export and save in My Computer. You can download the Mimio software on your laptop to view lessons at home.




Additional Resources