All About Compasses

By : D.Robinson

How Compasses works

The compass needles stay oriented in the same direction because it is effected by earth magnetic field. We know this because the compass needle is attracted by the North and South poles. What's the magnetic field ? Continue reading if you want to find out !

Earth Magnetic Field

A magnetic field it a electrical circle around Earth to protect is from the dangerous things in the sun. Because the sun is 5500 degrees , there wouldn't be any live on Earth. The water would of turned in to dried up dirt and everything would of been bad.

Step By Step : How to use a compass

To get to one place to another using a compass you must first line up the compass with the North , then determine the direction you need to travel. Once you have a direction of travel you will select objects that fall in that line and move toward them. Same thing if you go to the South , East , or West.

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