Echo360 Polling & Quizzing

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Interested in polling or quizzing your students during class?

This Echo360 training focuses on the lecture tools available in the online platform. The linked video tutorials in this email will walk users through how to create poll and quiz questions for use during class or to accompany content in a flipped classroom.

Use the poll and quiz question feature as a formative assessment for your lecture--think of it as a virtual exit ticket to quickly check student comprehension!

Lecture tools can be used by any instructor, in any classroom on-campus with WiFi connectivity, as long as you have linked your Moodle course to the respective Echo360 virtual classroom prior to a class session.

This video tutorial series will:

  • Introduce users to the capabilities of the poll and quiz lecture tool
  • Review all question types available and how to use each one
  • Explore use cases to see how an instructor might use polling & quizzing
  • Access results and analytics collected by the platform

Did you miss previous training sessions?

Have no fear! Nazareth College has an information page dedicated to Echo360 resources. Click here to check it out.

From the resource page, you can:

1) Download the Echo360 Quick Start Guide to get up and running! Use this guide to create the link between Moodle & Echo360 before using the lecture capture system.

2) View tutorials that explain how to record, edit, and publish personal captures to Echo360's platform for Mac and Windows users.

3) Find this introductory video for students to add to your Moodle course. Help your students navigate the system in order to maximize platform use.

4) Access the video tutorials referenced above as well as a FAQ page to help you trouble-shoot issues you may be experiencing.

Teaching & Learning Technologies

Jenna Sadue

Instructional Technology Specialst