Chapter 6

The Adolescent in Society

Tiffany Hedrick

Section 1 Adolescence In Our Society

Adolescence is defined as the period between puberty and the beginning of adulthood.

Five characteristics that generally apply to all adolescents:

  • Biological Growth and Development
  • Undefined Status
  • Increased Decision Making
  • Increased pressures
  • The Search For Self

Section 2 Teenagers and Dating

Dating is the meeting of people as a romantic engagement, most commonly found in societies that allow individuals to choose their own marriage partner. Courtship is the intended purpose to eventually marry. Datings purpose is entertainment and amusement and might lead to marriage. The rise in industrialization contributed greatly to the development of dating in the United States.

Dating Patterns

  • Traditional Dating Patterns:

Responsibility for arranging a date fell to the man. He was expected to contact his date and suggest a time and place, as well as the activity and pay for all the expenses.

  • Contemporary Dating Patterns:

No set stages of dating. Both men and women actively initiate dates. It is acceptable to for either partner to pay.

Section 3 Challenges Of Adolescence

Problems that Teenagers face:

  • Teenage Sexual Behavior includes the rate of teenage sexual activity, influences on early sexual activity, and consequences of early sexual activity.
  • Teenage Drug Use include drug violence such as muggings, robberies, and burglaries in search for drug money, the rate of teenage drug use, influences on teenage drug use, and teenage attitudes toward drug use.
  • Teenage Suicide includes the sociological view of suicide and predictors of teenage suicide.