Paper Airplane Lab

Kendall Osborne


Does the weight of a paper airplane affect how it will fly?


I think the copy paper will fly the farthest because it's the paper with the medium amount of weight.


1 piece of notebook paper
1 piece of copy paper
1 piece of poster board
A ruler


1. Create a paper airplane using all of the types of paper
2. Fly each airplane
3. Measure which plane goes the farthest


Notebook paper: 3 feet
Copy paper: 5 feet, 3 inches
Poster board: 1 foot, 2 inches


My hypothesis was correct. The notebook paper flew 3 feet, the copy paper flew 5 feet, 3 inches and the poster board flew 1 foot, 2 inches. The copy paper did fly the farthest so therefore my hypothesis was correct. I believe that this was the outcome because the copy paper wasn't too light or too heavy.