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The introduction to Reload

Reload is a excellent company that will provide all info about technology, but we can answer any questions and we do give weather forcasts and other things. We also do small fact files about computer technology. So as guessed, we focus mainly on computer works.

This right moment, our main topic is broadband. A few stuff below, there is a video of how to set up a broadband, if you are interested. Also below and else, you will find technology comperation between consoles and pc's. That's it from me, further stuff about this is on the button at the end.

The Reload Comperation Of This Episode

The consoles

We know, that our main gaming technology we use is Consoles, which include PSP's, PS3's, PS4's, XBOX's and many others. It is a primitively controled device in a lot of games, but can contain harder controling knowlage. We mostly like consoles because the easy-to-play-and-good-graphics qualities they include. They are known everywhere around us in the UK, but are they so popular in other uropean countries?
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The PC's

The PC's, as we may know, contain a lot of advanced programs and advanced knowlage needed in oder to be able to contol all of the programs and software contents. Games can be also played on Pc's or netbooks. They, also, are advanced and it is more difficult to get the hang of all the controls in a perticular game. I'll give you one of my games as a example. The game is called X2 The Threat. The video below will give you the idea that the controls are far more hader than any Consoles we know. Because of this, the games will have more abilities and ways to enjoy than some consoles.
Let's Play X2 - The Threat! Walkthrough/Gameplay (Part 1)
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So, What Will Be The Final Joice?

So, ive spoken to some excellent professionals like Mr Waters. And the result is. . .

The consoles win! Consoles have excellent way how to enjoy your game without problems. Pc's can interrupt you and usually aren't well equipped for gaming. So, this is it for Reload and for more info, don't forget to email me on my visa below. And don't forget to check out the broadband setup at the very end.

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