PD Integrating ELA with SC and SS

January 15, 2016

Entry Ticket

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Our Agenda

Padlet Entry Ticket

District Goals

Linking ELA through technology

Teacher's Toolbox for integrating ELA with the Science and Social Studies Classroom

Ticket out the Door

True Flix


Nonfiction books that will read to the students.

Does need a username and password.

World Book Online


Great source for students to pull up information to compare continents and countries.

The information can also be printed out to help students with research skills.

Gale Resources


This is a great place for students to do research. This is also a good place to pull newspaper/magazine articles on current events.

Discovery Ed


Discovery Education requires generic school passcode which can be obtained from your Instructional Technology Facilitator. Once you have the pass code, you can then register and setup your teacher account.