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July 4,2014

My 4th of July Family Traditions

date and place

July 4th every year in the USA


My family, our friends the Clarks, Lundys, and DeLays


For 4th of July we normally grill hot dogs, hamburgers, steak and fish for my mom because she is a vegetarian.


Before the 4th of July, we buy some dresses or a t-shirt and shorts that have red, white and blue colors on them.


We wake up and eat donuts for breakfast while we watch the parade go down our street. Then we go to the lake by the Village Shops get our spot and set up for the firework show. Then we come home and swim. Then we get ready to cook out and go watch the fireworks.

4th of July photoes

More July 4th Information

why do we celebrate

The reason July 4th is special in the USA is because its the date we became independent from Great Britain. USA signed the Declaration of Independence.

what countries celebrate

July 4th is only celebrated in America.

first date celebrated

July 4, 1776

special colors

red, white and blue