Wanted: Platinum (Pt)

By: Joshua House

The Beginning of Platinum

The first people to recognize Platinum as a distinct metal were the Spaniards in 1735. Though the first to write about Platinum was an Italian named Julius Scaliger in 1557. At the time, the Spaniards could not melt Platinum. Instead they sinter it with gold and charcoal. The Spaniards first named the the white metal Platina, other known as "little silver". It was told that Platinum is a very scarce metal. The price for Platinum these days are very high and hard to find. In very few places around the world, Platinum can be found in streambeds as flakes or nuggets. All elements are usually valued for one main reason. It could be valued for its' appearance, usefulness, life-saving quality, or its' rarity. Platinum is different because it is valued for all of these reasons.

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